Kempa Handball!

Kempa encompasses all those characteristics implied in the name: a purely handball brand.

And no compromises are made in this respect. We regard this as an obligation to ensure that each product bearing the brand name Kempa is designed to explicitly meet the sporting needs of handball. We therefore dedicate ourselves exclusively to questions relating to the game of handball.

Handball is one of the leading team sports on an international level - and particularly in Germany. The German Handball Federation is one of the largest sporting associations on a national level and, with around 830.000 members, over 4.500 clubs and 30.000 teams, is the largest handball association in the world. However, handball is not only popular in Germany, but also in many other countries around the globe. Despite this, there were still no specialised suppliers exclusively devoted to the sport of handball in existence prior to the introduction of the Kempa brand. This was the impetus behind the vision of providing a serious alternative in handball to major brand names. And no compromises can be made in this respect. Kempa is handball.

Bernhard Kempa,  the legendary handball player from Göppingen, lent his name to the brand. The "Fritz Walter of handball" became world champion in the 1950’s. He was named Sportsperson of the Year as a result and awarded the silver laurel wreath for his magnificent performance. Along with Frisch, his club in Göppingen, he won the German championship 11 times. He was immortalised by a spectacular pitch combination, the so-called "Kempa-trick".

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